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Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the pre-eminent engineering consultant with Computer-Aided Drawings (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) niche globally. The company drives by the experience of ardent engineers, architects, drafters, and detailers. We provide our clients with one-stop avant-garde solutions for all engineering-related requirements. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC serves all types of AEC organizations - small, medium, or large at the best competitive price range under one roof. With extensive working experience of 16+ years and a plethora of knowledge, we deliver high-end client-curated engineering solutions for all kinds of engineering disciplines.

Our services are crossing borders and reaching the global sphere. We are not only confined to the country but also holding our grip internationally. Our clients are from all over the world. Here in the USA, we almost cover every state and city and try to reach the small towns. In each city, we focus on every suburb. Hence, our target is to stretch all over the country so that the maximum number of AEC agencies can experience our top-notch offerings. Email Us Get in Touch
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Architectural Engineering

It encompasses the creation of efficient building and building system that includes the designing, fulfillment of structural demands along with economic and safety factors.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering requires the analysis, detailing and creativity to create the structural part. It mainly focuses on the framework of the various building and structural bridges.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering on the technology of electricity where the main focus in on design and application of circuitry and the tools for power generation and distribution and machine control.

BIM Services

Building Information Modeling

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that furnishes Architecture, Engineering, and Construction through planning, designing, constructing, and managing building and infrastructure.

Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering

The focal point of Civil Engineering is designing, building and maintaining the understructure for roads, bridges, building, airports, seaports and energy systems.

Plumbing piping Services

Plumbing / Piping Engineering

The Plumbing/Piping Engineering is responsible for building design for water based system. These responsibilities vary as per the size and type of the project.

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