Architectural BIM Services | REVIT Architecture

Connecting designs to intelligent 3D models for superlative visualization of architectural projects

We at Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC have worked on several architectural projects over the past decade. We produced architectural drafts, drawings, and visualizations for various architectural projects. The ever-growing enhancements in the field of CAD have given us the capability to serve our clients with expeditious drafting and modeling services with shorter lead and delivery times. As we know, architecture is not just about the physical environment built around us but also part of culture and aesthetics. Therefore, we help you create intelligent 3D models of your conceptual designs by leveraging Architectural BIM for holistic analysis of your project pre-construction.

Architectural BIM Services | REVIT Architecture

Create informative and intelligent 3D models of your designs through BIM architectural modeling

BIM Architectural Modeling

Building information modeling is a robust process that can reap fruitful results if undertaken precisely. BIM enables collaborative working between the disciplines and offers plenty of tools to manage the AEC projects efficiently. Architectural BIM modeling replaces the conventional drafting, planning, and executing methods with more robust and efficient processes. For example, 2D drawings, sketching, coordinating, manual detailings, and design clash detection are some techniques integrated into BIM. We are a leading BIM-competent company offering you curated architectural BIM consulting services. You can learn more about the scope of BIM and how its implementation here – Building Information Modeling.

Our comprehensive offering in BIM Architectural Services

We provide a range of 3D services for architecture, from 3D models to construction documentation, including 3D visualizations through BIM architectural modeling

We provide architectural BIM modeling services to architects, freelance designers, general contractors, and project companies. With extensive knowledge in architectural detailings and a plethora of experience in architectural projects, we deliver expeditious and pragmatic solutions to our clients. We also offer landscape design in REVIT and interior and exterior detailing in REVIT.

BIM Architectural Modeling Services

Unlock the ultimate collaboration between the stakeholder – designer, builders, and owners. Keep control of your architectural designs from the start to the end phase of the construction. BIM provides versatile tools to manage your architectural projects. With architectural BIM 3D models, you can -

  • Create computerized designs and 3D models
  • Can easily connect 2D details with 3D model
  • Coordinate designs easily
  • Detect and rectify design clashes hassle-free
  • You can easily retain methods and models
  • Work collaboratively with multi-disciplinary data
  • Create feasible variations of a design
  • Produce holistic insights on the project designs

BIM Landscape Architecture

Designing and analyzing the social impact of the landscapes took hefty work. Props to BIM, landscape designing, and visualization have become much more manageable tasks. However, the designing of landscapes involves several plenty complex workflows. With REVIT landscape architecture, you can analyze terrain, do solar analysis, and efficiently calculate initial costs. REVIT can also extract coordinated 2D drawings from a well-optimized 3D model.

Interior And Exterior Detailing – Designs – Visualization

We create high-standard interior and exterior details for your designs. We also provide 3D walkthroughs and visualizations of the plans. REVIT architecture interior design makes creating walls, doors, partitions, and casework simpler. With REVIT architecture exterior design, building facades, claddings, and exterior detailing becomes a hassle-free task. Moreover, with REVIT, 3D visualization and easy design amendments are possible without much hassle.

We leverage the cutting-edge Autodesk REVIT® Architecture to deliver the incredibleness of BIM

REVIT is the classic software used to create 3D BIM models, REVIT construction documents, and REVIT construction drawings. REVIT provides versatile capabilities to create phenomenal 3D architectural systems. We host dedicated professionals that have a plethora of working experience in REVIT. Our team works closely with you, understanding your perception of the project and delivering accordingly.

Critical Capabilities of REVIT that we Leverage to Serve REVIT Architectural Services -

Architecture REVIT Family Creation

Create a standard or curated architecture family of elements. Family creation expeditates digital modeling and provides reusable family members for future projects.

REVIT Building Design

Create multi-disciplinary building designs and 3D visualizations of the building. Facilitate holistic design analysis pre-construction and management post-construction.

Design And Documentation

Create REVIT architecture designs as per your needs. Prepare floor plans, 2D and 3D views, elevations, and placement of walls, doors, and windows. Extract REVIT construction documents from the coordinated 3D model.

BIM Revit Architecture

Create innovative Revit architecture models. Architectural REVIT 3D modeling facilitates design coordination and clash detection. Moreover, 3D models promote the collaborative iteration of designs with engineers and contractors with multi-disciplinary data exchange.

Steps we follow to implement Architectural BIM in your project

Several workflows depend on the scope of work (SOW) for implementing BIM. Following are the basic steps we follow to implement architectural BIM services.

  • Foremostly, we understand the project feasibility of the client.
  • Then we evaluate the current capabilities of our clients.
  • Then we define the architectural goals of the client.
  • Creation of suitable drawings and details for the BIM model.
  • Coordination of designs and drawings, rectifying any underlying clashes.
  • Creation of BIM workflows and integration of multi-disciplinary data.
  • RFIs on workflows and design amendments.
  • Creation of multi-disciplinary BIM models.
3D Architectural BIM Model

Our Diverse offering in building information modeling

We offer a range of BIM services from LOD 100 to 500 models to clash detection to the extraction of shop drawings from coordinated BIM models and PDF to BIM conversion

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