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Unlock the power of interdisciplinary designing by leveraging the building information modeling system

Building information modeling is a neoteric (recent/modern) advancement in computer-aided design. BIM allows the creation of an absolute digital twin of your construction project. By digital twin, we mean an exact digital replica of your building with all the information regarding the engineering domains associated with it. BIM not only sets a means for the 3D visualization of projects but also includes several powerful tools and automation that facilitate the overall workflow of a construction project. BIM integration in projects gives way to the holistic management of multidisciplinary structured data.

BIM Building Information Modeling | BIM Consulting Services

BIM Outsourcing from an Experienced BIM-competent Company

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Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading provider of extensive engineering CAD and BIM solutions in the USA. We help general contractors, architects, civil engineers, and project companies adopt BIM for expeditious project realization. We provide accessible BIM outsourcing services which help you realize your projects efficiently. In addition, BIM modeling services offer tons of tools that help to design and coordinate buildings hassle-free. BIM in civil engineering and building infrastructure modeling plays a vital role in the management and scheduling of the project, as it allows architects, engineers, and contractors to work collaboratively, thus increasing project efficiency.

BIM and construction management – a dynamic and structured way to build and manage the construction phases – collaboratively

A construction project is not as exact as a BIM construction. Experience robust designing and managing by implementing BIMt

BIM and Construction Management

BIM construction management is a way to manage the project effectively, with collaboration at its heart. Building information management is a complex task with several interconnected processes. Often, there is slackening because more than one discipline is in the play. BIM building information management provides a platform to manage this complex workflow efficiently, By promoting collaboration between the distinct discipline through a unified 3D BIM model. As a result, all the information is exchanged and updated in real time, with everyone working on the same model.

We help your organization implement 3D BIM modeling from early transition to complete BIM adoption.

BIM technology in construction and other manufacturing projects helps increase workflow efficiency by ten folds. In addition, the collaborative nature of BIM ensures clash-free, coordinated designing of buildings, thus increasing the efficiency throughout the project and impacting the ROI of the project directly. Our experienced BIM experts devise curated workflows and BIM execution plan that best suit your organization’s capabilities. This process helps you transition to BIM most simply and systematically possible. Moreover, we follow a simple pre-BIM process to evaluate the requirements of our clients and deliver building information modeling services accordingly.

The complete workflow for the implementation of building integrated modeling -

Understanding the project feasibility

The foremost process is understanding the extent of the project and systematically analyzing the design, and fixing any underlying errors or clashes. First, we do a holistic analysis of provided plans and drawings. Then after the complete examination, we move forward to the next phase.

Evaluating the current BIM capabilities of the client

We evaluate the current knowledge and capabilities of our clients on BIM. As an experienced BIM services provider, we have worked on several complex BIM projects, which gives us an edge in determining an organization's current capabilities for BIM adoption. In addition, we do an in-depth analysis of your current methods, procedures, and BIM knowledge, giving you tailored insights.

Defining the goals and vision of the client

We help you comprehensively implement BIM. We define your current goals of BIM and set measurable BIM goals to achieve. BIM implementation is a long and complex process. We help you achieve goals and move up the BIM ladder one step at a time to avoid facing a project deadlock.

The Implementation

After attaining certain BIM maturity in the organization, we begin the process of BIM implementation. We work collaboratively and closely with our clients and implement BIM as smoothly as possible. We follow a standard organized implementation strategy ensuring hassle-free execution.

Why consider BIM virtual design and construction (VDC) & BIM project management over conventional techniques?

BIM is interoperable, letting you work across different disciplines over several CAD software

Building information modeling services let you create and manage data during the project's design, construction, and operations phases. BIM integrates multidisciplinary data in a single model allowing collaborative working across disciplines. As a result, BIM helps in more significant project insights, creates sustainable options, and increases cost-saving in AEC projects. Moreover, constructions realized with BIM help operations and management processes in the future. Simply put, 3D BIM modeling services are an integral and pragmatic solution in helping manage the project lifecycle efficiently.

BIM design services are helpful to a broad category of professionals

BIM For Facility Managers

After the buildings are built, BIM helps facility managers by giving quantifiable insights to manage and operate the building effectively. In addition, true-to-life BIM models of the facility provide information regarding the costs of the operations and maintenance of the facility on an as-needed basis.

BIM For Architects And Engineers

Architects and Architectural engineering benefit from BIM considerably. With BIM, architects can collaborate efficiently with structural and mechanical engineers. In addition, BIM helps communicate with clients through 3D visualization. Lastly, BIM helps in better documentation and reduces design errors.


BIM creates intelligent clash-free MEP systems. BIM helps design, detail, and fabricate coordinated MEP systems. MEP designers can utilize BIM to analyze the strategies holistically for better system optimization and constructibility. It also helps reduce the on-site risks and create coordinated systems following other disciplines.

BIM For Fabrication

BIM for digital fabrication is a groundbreaking process to expeditiously design and develop prefabricated products. Using BIM for fabrication, architects, designers, contractors, and engineers can improve the design and manufacturing of prefabricated products. In addition, BIM allows 3D visualization of prefabricated products for holistic R&D.

BIM For Structural Engineers

REVIT Modeling services help structural engineers design, detail, document, and fabricate structural frameworks through an intelligent 3D-model-based workflow. REVIT for structural engineers enables structural engineers to work more efficiently through integrated collaboration. It also helps connect designs and drawings to fabrication for quicker and more efficient delivery of projects.

BIM For Contractors

BIM helps contractors throughout the project life cycle, from the pre- to post-construction phases. It facilitates project scheduling, quantity takeoffs, and cost estimations for the materials. BIM also enables the devising of accurate project bidding, removing any conflict of interest.

3D Architectural BIM Model

Our Diverse offering in building information modeling

We offer a range of BIM services from LOD 100 to 500 models to clash detection to the extraction of shop drawings from coordinated BIM models and PDF to BIM conversion

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