Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a neoteric advancement in the construction field, enabling contractors to depict their 2D drawings and drafts in working 3D models. These 3D models contain a vast range of information about the building assisting in the efficient construction of the building. Using BIM, stakeholders can collaborate and work together on a project through a unified process. BIM creates a collaborative platform that engages contractors, fabricators, engineers, and stakeholders to work together.

Steel Detailing

Steel Detailing is the process of creating shop drawings for a steel fabricator. A steel fabricator is responsible for the installation of the steel frameworks for a construction project. A steel detailer creates steel detailing drawings from the set of drafts obtained from the architect and engineer. The steel detailer generates the layouts to facilitate the erection and installation of the steel frameworks. Steel Detailing is a crucial part of structural drafting and should be carried out with extreme accuracy.

Mass Timber Buildings

Mass Timber, also known as Engineered Wood, is a new and sustainable material used for construction. Mass timber is typically made of large, solid wood panels nailed or glued together, providing exceptional strength and stability. Mass Timber buildings are strong, low-carbon alternatives to steel and concrete. The United States construction is quickly adopting Mass Timber Buildings. For a structurally sound building, precise drafts and drawings are required.

Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering services offer technical advice and guidance on building design, construction, and maintenance. This can include structural analysis, HVAC design, lighting design, energy efficiency, and sustainable design. The goal is to ensure that buildings are safe, functional, and efficient. We provide services to architects, developers, contractors, and building owners. The scope of work can range from concept design to project management and may involve collaboration with other engineering disciplines.