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Level of Development (LOD) - Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a renowned organization who provides detailed and accurate level of development - LOD services. Another name for it is also called as Level of Details BIM. This is the service that is very closely associated with the BIM services. Without following the stages of the LOD the construction of the building is totally incomplete. With this said the stages of LOD are predefined. These stages LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 350, LOD 400, LOD 450, and LOD 500 or BIM LOD 500.

It is that right from the contractors to the architects, to the drafters, and engineers , BIM has been one of the important part in the field construction and is a best way to communicate the different stages of the building design. The dedicated team of engineers are well-trained and efficient to resolve the complexity of the design by providing the solutions to it. This is possible with the process of 3D visualization, bill of quantities (BOQ’s), scheduling, estimation, fabrication, and on-site production control.

The team of engineers here prepare and creare 3D models that are equivalent to the detailed information of the drawings in which the complete progress is been shown and that is in the form of planned report v/s progressed report on the site. This at the end helps the clients to know the update on their project and the status of the work. As stated without following the stages of LOD the work seems to be incomplete. Hence, let us proceed further and know about the stages and those are from LOD 100 to LOD 500

Different Stages of Level of Developments (LOD)

Below mentioned are different LOD BIM stages that will assist you to know why these stages are important and why are they called as BIM level of details.

LOD 100- Conceptual Design

This is the first BIM LOD level in which the process of pre-design of the model is created. Here based on the project the architect prepare the first level of design where the area, heights, locations, volume, and the complete orientation is defined. Hence this is the stage called “pre-design”.

LOD 200 - Schematic Design

It is the second stage where the models are graphically created as a generic systems. The data that are driven from LOD 200 must be taken into consideration as it gives approximate data. These are in the form of shape, location, size, quantities, etc. Here even the non-graphics elements are also attahced.

LOD 300 - Detailed Design

The third stage where the process of development of design is taken into consideration. Here all the drawings and designs that are created is been given a shape and design. Hence, it is necessary to provide the accurate details and information in the first two levels so that the rest level of work becomes smooth and convenient.

LOD 350 - Construction and Documentation

This is the stage that includes detailed models and elements of the buildings. Here in this stage the engineers provides the data as to how the interface of the building would be looking with the different systems that can be known with the process of graphics and written documents.

LOD 400 / 450 - Fabrication and Assembly

This is the “construction stage” where all the drawings and design that is created start the process of fabrication and assembling the same. In this stage the models contains shape, size, location, and orientation details and interface of the building system. This also includes the installation process of the information too.

LOD 500 - As- Built Stage

In this stage the models are constructed and assembled for the maintenance and operations. Here the actual and precised details of the requirements of the materials are seen and along with it is attached the non-geometric information of the model.

To know more in detail about the BIM LOD matrix and to get your project outsourced you can contact us via call or email us on and our team will revert back to you within 24 business hours.