LOD 400 Services | Construction Phase

In the era of the 21st century where technology has advanced a lot, people across the globe have adopted the culture of digitalization too. This information and the data are stored in one place, in which whenever any person who wants the information can get the data at that very moment. The same is so related to BIM services as well. Post the stage of LOD300, the next comes is getting the designs taken into the reality. Indeed we are talking about proceeding with the stage of constructing the virtual drawings into real models and buildings. Here the stage that plays a vital role is called the stage of LOD400.

We at Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC, have a dedicated team of engineers, drafters, and architects who are well trained and experienced in using every bit of information that is required in these level of details or level of developments. Without considering the stage of building information modeling and LOD400, neither the team of contractors nor the builders can proceed further. This is the stage called the “Construction Stage”. Let us proceed further and take an understanding and knowledge about some of the facts that are related to this level and it is none other than LOD 400. It is a universal fact that without proper planning, discussion, and information no project can be successful as well as will not deliver any result too.

It the BIM LOD400 that makes its easy and convenient. This is the process in which the entire team will be getting the information that is required in the construction drawings. Indeed these are firmly related to the size, quantity, shape, orientation, and the location of the models. In this stage of LOD, the work is in the form of getting the model assembled and fabricated. Here the constructor and the contractor cannot proceed further unless they have the proper information. We at Silicon Consultants LLC have a team of engineers who are available for delivering the services to its clients and to make sure that we are the bridge for them to let their dream project come into reality.

Moving further, we are the one-stop destination for all the contractors, manufacturers, and the major AEC companies when they are looking to outsource BIM services and expecting a full 100% outcome for their project. No matter whatever is the size of the project, for all we are at your service. We are not only the best in delivering BIM services, but also are masters and specialized in providing detailed and complete CAD services to our clients globally. Also, not limited to service, you can rely on us for other services too and they are MEP Services, HVAC Services, Mass Timber Services, Cabinet Shop Drawings, COBie Services, and much more. To know more about service offering you can get in touch with our team or can also have a look at our portfolio as well.

Why Choose Us?

This is the basic question that each one of us does have, as to why to choose Silicon Consultants LLC as your outsourcing partner. Well, to this all the replies are mentioned below.

  • Experience for over 12+ years
  • Staff of 180+ designers, drafters, modelers, and engineers
  • 2500+ happy and trusted clients
  • Delivery of 11000+ successful projects
  • Global presence in 6+ countries including India
  • End-to-end services for CAD, BIM, MEP and many others
  • 100% customer-centric organization
  • Dedicated person available for every clients to get the update on their projects

To this said, get in touch with us and our team will be happy to assist you to give more knowledge on LOD400 services. You can send us email or can call us and the team will revert back to you with all your needs and requirements within the time frame of 24 business hours.