Level of Development- LOD300 | BIM LOD Services

The modern era of construction has nowadays been easy, convenient, as well as possible only with the help of proper implementation of BIM service. The entire process of building information modeling service is incomplete without undertaking the concept of level of developments or level of details. These LOD’s are defined from LOD100 to LOD300. Each stage has its own importance and requirement. Having said this let us proceed further and take a dig on knowing what is BIM LOD300 considered and why is it used for the construction process of either redeveloping an old building or for constructing a new building.

LOD300 is said to be the stage of getting the Detailed Design of the project that will be further be given a specific shape, size, and model. This is only possible with the help only when we have a proper shop drawings of these models. The core reason for the same is because with the help of these accurate drawings the team gets knowledge for specific assemblies along with the demand and need of the quantities of raw materials, locations, shapes, and other materials that are required for sharing the perfect data of the model that is designed graphically. Here too at certain extent the team also shares the data of non-geometric information too, this is posted the visualization and checking of the models.

We at Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading company in the USA, providing its services that are required in the field of engineering as well as construction. Since we hold an experience for over 12+years we undertake the knowledge for all the necessary tools, standards, software, and international codes that are mandated for getting these designs and drawings completed. It also gives an immense pleasure to us, in stating that we have the team of versatile and expert engineers and modelers in-house who understand the need and requirement of the client and based on that prepare the first level of drawings and designs and that is possible with the help of CAD software.

To sum up the service, LOD300 is the stage where all the drawings that are been drawn are converted into 3D models. Hence, it is also called the conversion of 2D Drawings into 3D Models with the help of required CAD software and the international codes. Moving further, in order to get the complete 360-degree view of the project it is necessary to opt for the option of LOD300. It is an important stage of the construction project, in which none of the contractors can proceed further to construct the model. It is because this is the designing stage that is very much needed. As we know how the service works, we have completed and delivered the number of successful projects to our clients in India as well as worldwide.

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