• LOD 300 to 500 Modeling
  • Coordination / Clash Detection and Resolution
  • Coordinated 2D Shop Drawings
  • 4D Simulation
  • 5D Estimation
  • 6D & 7D Facility Management
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mep bim modeling Iowa

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading BIM Solution provider based in Minnesota (USA). We are an organization having well-versed engineers and technicians whose knowledge and extensive experience plays a major role in taking us to heights of success. Our strength lies in quantity and size of projects we have handled which excels in terms of quality with each passing project. We have completed a substantial amount of projects across the different market sectors. We deliver end-to-end to BIM Services that spans from planning, designing, and management across the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. Our goal is to execute the undertaken project with the best return on investment.

Our Services

  • mep coordination servicesLOD 300 to 500 Modeling

    BIM's Level of Development (LOD) states the path of the 3D geometry of the building model that can be developed at the different levels. We offer 4 LOD options ranging from 300 to 500. Our LOD specifications, let attain the BIM Projects to a high level of clarity and reliability at various stage of construction and design. Our different LOD's offer
    LOD-300- Detailed Design Model,
    LOD 350 – Clash Detection and Coordination,
    LOD 400 – 2D Coordinated Shop Drawing,
    LOD 500 – As-Built

  • point cloud to bimCoordination/Clash Detection and Resolution

    Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC take into account the team of skilled professionals for BIM Clash Detection with comprehensive experience. We easily executed large-scale BIM Coordination project in the overall United States. We use suitable and updated tools leads to coordinate amongst the whole model. Our target is to create BIM Coordinated Model, laced with rich details as well as layers and references. Along with a coordination process, we run design validation before the final dispatch. Each of the design irrespective of their discipline have a strict quality checking. Read More...

  • revit bim modeling servicesCoordinated 2D Shop Drawings

    Coordinated 2D Shop Drawing is the set of drawings for prefabricated components incorporates dimensions, fabrication details, and industry standards. We are specialized in every kind of 2D Shop Drawings which goes on every platform for the better feeding into the pre-fab software. Our coordinated Shop Drawings is equipped by combining various areas of specialization together. It is mostly work in a case of MEPF Designing. The goal of making coordinated 2D Shop Drawings is for the better performance of schedule planning, installation, and fabrication. Overall it helps project executes in a well-organized manner. Read More...

  • structural bim services4D Simulation Services

    BIM 4D Simulation is a process that enables the connection of the 3D model with the project schedule. It allows visualizing the construction phase in a virtual space that modifies the construction sequencing. Our 4D Simulation models strengthen the collaboration between project teams and clients. It mainly helps in improve the Construction Schedules, conducting supply chains, track materials. Our Revit BIM Modeling Services offer powerful visualization, minimized error in construction, and streamlined construction productivity. Our BIM Services is executed with advanced scheduling techniques in real time coordination. Read More...

  • architectural bim service5D Estimation Services

    Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC offers Building Integrated Modeling, mainly 5D Estimation with extremely advanced technology. We provide BIM estimating platform that facilitates the user-friendly intuitive solution. The main role 5D BIM is to applying costs to the model. Our process of 5D Estimating Modeling goes on as an extracting quantity from 3D models, to visualization and exploration of 3D models. 5D estimating is very beneficial in constructing and managing the future projects. We offer a platform that allows clients to adopt the next level of 5D Modeling as it promotes the easy-to-use and time-saving methodology. Read More...

  • mechanical bim services6D & 7D Facility Management

    Our Building Information Management offers 6D and 7D BIM whose main role is to linking the attribute data to support the facility management. We deliver 6D and 7D modeling with relevant information includes project details, specifications, photos, and operation manuals. The objective of 7D facility Managment is Programming, Record Modeling, Maintenance Scheduling, Asset Management, and Space Management and Tracking. Our maintenance of facility management directly leads to enhancement of Life cycle Management and streamlined technical support. We visualize, understand, communicate, and collaborate through 6D and 7D Facility Management. Read More...

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