Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading organization that specialized in designing and drafting for the verticals of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction carried by the CAD and BIM programming. We are a team of expert professionals are well-versed and well-informed about the prevalent softwares and their technicalities lead to solving the complex projects. It is indeed the hard work and dedication of our workforce that paves the way for Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC in the ladder of success and achievement.

BIM Clash Detection Services

Clash detection and clash identifying is the core service that is required in every BIM projects. We have a team of qualified engineers who closely work with the clients and assist them in identifying BIM clash detection so as to avoid human mistakes and errors completely and that also effectively. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the prominent BIM outsourcing company that follows all the required software and international code that are required for the successful delivery of the entire BIM project.

We are the service provider that not only assists in delivering BIM clash detection services but also provides solutions that are needed and are included before the process of construction takes place. Here based on location, the construction sequence of the work is predefined and thus the need for this service is required the most. Having said this, contact us today to outsource your BIM project with us.


Point Cloud to BIM Services

Our point cloud to BIM services performs realistic models for as-built purposes. This service is undertaken for the redevelopment and refurbishment of the BIM projects. The point cloud modeling is widely undertaken and recognized to be one of the most perfect ways of delivering the work, as that of traditional surveys used as measuring tools. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading company that is known for providing accurate BIM consulting to its clients anywhere across the USA, and globally.

The 3D laser scanning technology is the latest form of service that captures the as-built details based on the environment. This data when received is imported in the form of data survey and for this, the software used is ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit. This entire process of the work is termed as point cloud to the 3D model. We have a team of versatile and experienced BIM modelers and BIM experts who very precisely convert all the point cloud data into virtual model so as to get the clarification and understanding. This service is more or less required for the renovation as well as recreation of an old building.


Scan to BIM Services

We provide a scan to BIM services with the help of the latest technology that helps in converting all the set of point cloud data and laser survey data in a sophisticated BIM model that is in the form of 3D models. This entire work is required for architects, retailers, surveyors, and contractors. We not only are masters in completing the BIM project with much accuracy but also are leading company that provides MEP scan to BIM services for majority of AEC companies, consulting engineers, MEP designers, and the team of personnel who are associated with the project.

All the BIM models created by our engineers are successful with the help of Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. Also, the raw data that is created is compiled from the fastest processing of the site with the information of the site data points and images. This is all one of the important aspects of scan to BIM services and process. With this said, contact us today and add wings to your dream project to convert them into reality with the varied process of works.


COBie Services

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie is the standard data format that is a must and also used for gathering the data that has information of a building during its design and construction phases. All the data, in BIM COBie service, is stored in digital forms and information that is subsequently being transferred to the operations and maintenance (O&M) team during facility management. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading company that delivers COBie services as per the details shared by the clients and also by which the entire lifecycle of the building is depending.

COBie is the service that helps to capture and store important data that is related to the BIM project and has the details at the point of origin, i.e including the set of datasheets, equipment lists, warranties, guarantees, and list of spare parts and much. This piece of information plays a vital role and gives the information that shares the support operations, maintenance, and asset management once the building asset is been created in the service.


Levels of Development | LOD Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the one-stop destination for the delivery of effective and versatile levels of development services. It is the process that is undertaken by all the BIM modelers and engineers so as to achieve the building models with the help of 3D geometry. We offer all types of LOD services that are from LOD100 to LOD500. Using this set of services the completion of BIM services becomes way much faster and easier.

The entire BIM LOD services are the base for successful and result-oriented completion of BIM projects. This is possible only with the help of proper understanding and implementation of it. Below mentioned are a set of LOD services with its details.

  • LOD 100 - Concept Design
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Design
  • LOD 300 - Detailed Design
  • LOD 350 - Construction Documentation
  • LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly
  • LOD 500 - As-Built

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has proved to be a revolutionary decision in Construction Industry as it encompasses the whole process of designing and construction spans from preparing a blueprint to after construction care. The magnum increase in the usage of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is owed to fact that it increases the efficiency and largely beneficial in coordinated project delivery.

Advantages of Building Information Modeling
  • Intelligent Compatibility
  • Perfect Presentation
  • Detailed Model
  • Right Sequencing
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Simulate and Visualize
  • Efficient Collaboration
  • Control Maintanence
  • Minimized Rework and Duplication
  • Capture Reality

Architectural BIM Services Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC comprehends the significance of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. We work parallel to draftsmen, architects, builders, and contractors to display the progressing venture in Building Information Modeling. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC has been delivering the demands of undertaken projects with standard and customized arrangements irrespective of the domain it belongs from, for example, healthcare services, private, instructive, mechanical, and retail. We keep up the reputation for creating noteworthy BIM Architectural Design to broad service ranges from planning and designing of sophisticated structures. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC's BIM proficient team is exceedingly experienced at perceiving the requirement for customer and programming requirements and interpret that potential into responsive design planning. We will reliably give the feasible arrangements, utilitarian and eye-satisfying plans. We are genuinely expert in taking a shot at different kinds of structures with a different scope of multifaceted nature emerging out of each of the individual structure.

Our Key Features :
  • Architecture Building Model
  • Architectural Building Information Modeling
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • Architecture Revit Service
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Structural BIM Service Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC offers full-service solutions for Structural Building Information Modeling. In every operation of each project, we motivate ourselves to acquaint with significant codes and practices. We design a component which is a precise portrayal of customer's requirements as well as the accurate and authentic BIM model. We constantly keep Building Information Modeling as a focal point in plan and constructability analysis. We set up an edgy Structural BIM models that splendidly functions with customer's requirement. Our Structural models contain section, jolts, bars and so forth. The integration of Building Information Modeling in Structural Engineering projects, the working technique end up plainly easy and transparent. Our intelligent BIM support with each Structural task is composed of innovations that prompt satisfactory results. Our purpose of difference from our contemporaries is that our experts i.e. engineers, architects, draftsmen and so forth do brainstorming to generate new ideas for each undertaken venture in the presence of the customer. We have different unbeatable approaches to engage with our customer in the process of data sharing.

Our Key Features :
  • BIM Modeling for Steel Structures
  • BIM Structural Services
  • Structural BIM Modeling Services
  • BIM Cost Estimating Services
  • BIM 4D Services
  • BIM 5D Services
BIM Structural Services Hanover, Structural BIM Modeling Services Hanover, BIM Cost Estimating Services Hanover, BIM 4D Services Hanover, BIM 5D Services Hanover, BIM Construction Management Hanover, BIM Rebar Foundation Detailing Hanover, Building Construction Specification Hanover

MEP BIM Service Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a one-stop solution for quality MEP BIM services. In building up the qualitative service, we generally adhere to our core values and responsibilities. We amplify the value of a customer by adopting the most recent innovation and advancement in the industry. We pitch a task that expected to enhance the project productivity and which is the aftereffect of streamlining work process and great service quality. We successfully comprehend the requirement of precision in the niche of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing for each building structure. Thus, we build up the 3D MEP models according to the institutionalized codes and standards. We provide the MEP BIM Services to all real building area to take care of the quick pacing demand of MEP framework plan. Our BIM models encourage us in meeting the innovative part of a task while following the requirements of a customer.

Our Key Features :
  • MEP BIM Shop Drawing Services
  • MEP BIM Coordination Services
  • Clash Detection Services
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • MEP to BIM services
  • Autodesk BIM MEP Solutions
  • MEP BIM Coordination Modeling Services
MEP BIM Shop Drawing Services Hanover, MEP BIM Coordination Services Hanover, BIM Coordination Drawings Hanover, MEP to BIM services Hanover, MEP BIM Coordination Modeling Services Hanover, BIM Implementation Services Hanover, BIM Clash Detection Hanover

Point Cloud BIM Service Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC aims to check the information and change it to a point by point BIM model. Before diving into the detail of our Point Cloud BIM service package, we should comprehend the Point Cloud and its integration with Building Information Modeling. As the name recommends, Point Cloud represents the outside surface through little-spotted points named as X, Y and Z arranges inside three-dimensional facilitate frameworks. 3D scanners are used to assess the point cloud information as an arrangement of vector focuses. When it imported into the product, we follow the point information with our preferred programming families and make a 3D model with a point cloud. We make astute 3D BIM work processes and data-rich models from laser point cloud. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is most desired for Point Cloud Building Information Modeling. The customer's overview information will be integrated with Building Information Modeling to make an internet model. Regardless of whether one need as-built, monitoring surveys or topographic and list goes ahead about our Point Cloud BIM Services.

Our Key Features :
  • Point Cloud Building Information Modeling
  • 3D and 4D CAD Building Modeling
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • 4D Construction Planning
BIM Outsourcing Hanover, BIM Design Solution Hanover, BIM Drafting Hanover, 4D CAD Building Modeling Hanover, Point Cloud Building Information Modeling Hanover, Point Cloud to BIM Hanover, BIM Outsourcing Services Hanover, BIM Solution Hanover

BIM Clash Detection Hanover

BIM Clash Detection is an imperative aspect and the broadly utilized element of Building Information Modeling. A BIM Clash Detection is comprised of altered conflict detailing position, exact recognizable proof of conflicts and conflict following framework make this one of the preferred BIM services. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC utilized the model furnished by the customer and incorporate with our chosen programming. We have resource tool for committed architects and experts who effectively address the customer and conceive the structure of BIM Clash Detection to work in practical arrangements. We cater to the various requirement of our customer by strong systems that is conceptualized by our team. A BIM Clash Detection enhance the coordination and integration of building operations, streamline the outline audit, prompt identification of errors and conflicts and error-free assessment of costs, time and resources.

Our Key Features :
  • BIM using Point Cloud survey Services
  • 3D and 4D CAD Building Models
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • 4D Construction Planning
BIM Clash Detection Hanover, 4D Construction Planning Hanover, BIM Engineering Hanover, Building Information Modeling Hanover, BIM HanoverAs Built Hanover, BIM Clash Detection Hanover, Scan to BIM Hanover, BIM Design Services Hanover, BIM Consultants Hanover

Scan to BIM Service Hanover

We offer a top-notch proficient Scan to BIM service by utilizing the most recent innovation and convert point cloud and laser survey data into intelligent 3D models. The raw survey information is the creation of quick preparing of the main part of data focuses and images from working site leads the procedure of Scan to BIM. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC conveys data gathered from 3D laser scanning in a different scope of arrangements. The fundamentals of "Scan to BIM" incorporates the exchange of information gathered from 3D laser examining, created into a point cloud through millions of data points. At the end of the procedure, this data is changed over in Building Information Modeling. Our Scan to BIM models is made with the aim of giving a point by point data that should help the client to decide an all around educated choice. Scan to BIM model incorporates the detailed data of utility systems and frameworks and extraordinary working to change the inaccurate 2-dimensional plans.

Our Key Features :
  • Scan to BIM
  • Scan Data Revit
  • Scan to BIM Conversion services
  • Scan to BIM Workflow
  • Scan to Revit BIM Services
  • Laser-Scan to BIM conversion in Revit
  • Scanning to Revit
Scan to BIM Hanover, Scan Data Revit Hanover, Scan to BIM Conversion services Hanover, Scanning to Revit Hanover, Scan to Revit BIM Services Hanover, BIM Clash coordination services Hanover, Point Cloud to BIM Conversion Services Hanover, MEP BIM Coordination Hanover

BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC offers the BIM Fabrication and Pre-fabrication Service in various zones. After the advent of Building Information Modeling, the procedure of fabrication and pre-fabrication wind up plainly smooth. With regards to Pre-Fabrication and Fabrication in the area of different designing space of construction industry, Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the business pioneer with a demonstrated record to guarantee the cost control, manageability, constructability and market understanding. Our pre-fabrication and fabrication service are principally made out of a generation of Fabrication Drawings from BIM model that later on used for off-site/nearby pre-fabrication. BIM Prefabrication mostly concentrates on the technique for development, for example, collecting segments for the assembling site and transporting of assemblies in the principal site of structural improvement. The entire procedure of Pre-fabrication is the ideal blend of brilliant designing, the contemporary elite of parts and nature of development strategy.

Our Key Features :
  • BIM Prefabrication Model Services
  • BIM for Project Services
  • Integrated BIM Prefabrication
  • BIM using Point Cloud survey
  • 3D and 4D CAD Building Models
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • 4D Construction Planning
BIM Prefabrication Model Services Hanover, BIM Fabrication Hanover, Integrated BIM Prefabrication Hanover, Fabrication Drawings Hanover, BIM CAD Drawings Hanover, BIM Fabrication Drawings Hanover, Paper to BIM Conversion Hanover, BIM Construction Planning Management Hanover

BIM Outsourcing Services Hanover

BIM Outsourcing services are the collection of significant Architecture, Engineering, and Construction tasks that for the most part did by best of most recent virtual products. Passing by the present pattern of AEC Industry, Buiding Information Modeling is a mandatory tool used to build up the designs. The keyword BIM is critical for arranging and development process consequently it is the most preferred operations. As a growing development in AEC circuit, it has a huge rise in the national and global field. Not surprising though as Building Information Modeling is a multidimensional procedure that can be utilized as a part of the development ideal from the commencement to outlining, estimation to arranging and fruition to after culmination support. Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC has BIM Clash Detection a solid grasp on outsourcing BIM administrations. Our BIM Outsourcing Service offers total end-to-end solutions and functions by teaming up with clients, engineers, contractors, and suppliers.

Our Key Features :
  • Structural BIM Services
  • Architectural BIM Services
  • MEP Building Information Modeling
  • Point Cloud BIM Service
  • BIM Clash Detection
  • Scan to BIM Service
  • BIM Fabrication and Pre-Fabrication
Structural BIM Services Hanover, Architectural BIM Services Hanover, MEP Building Information Modeling Hanover, Point Cloud BIM Service Hanover, BIM Clash Detection Hanover, Structural BIM Service Hanover, Revit BIM Drafting Drawing Hanover, MEP BIM Services Hanover

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC constantly helps our valuable clients enhance the overall quality of a given project. Our team of expert professionals achieves the complete coordination that includes designers, consultants, engineers, and contractors as all project data by each professional integrate into one single digital model. We work in the highly collaborative central server under one roof achieve the proper coordination of various disciplines involved in a project.

Why Us
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Exceptional Collaboration skills
  • Accuracy and Project Success Guaranteed
  • Quality Output
  • Attention to Details
  • Wide Range of Experience
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Time Bound Delivery

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