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Structural Fabrication Drawing USA

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a leading organization that offers the substantial engineering consultancy service across the various industries. Our team of skilled and variedly experienced professionals who can take care of every sort of task in given project that spans from high-rise building and heavy bridges to minor improvisation in drawings. We are not only confined to the USA only but proving our mettle at the global stage by exploring our service to International boundaries also.

The structural engineering service of Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is comprised of a team of highly skilled and experienced engineering professionals. Supported by extensive experience, our team has worked on a structural project in various fields such as Oil Refineries, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Industrial Sectors etc. Structural Engineering is primarily the sub-division of civil engineering that unravels, envision, and enumerate the firmness, force, and stringency for built structures. Structural Engineering is mainly focused on the development of design and integration of these designs that accompanied with the supervision of construction on the main site. Structural Engineering is an important part of Engineering and Construction Industry as it is one of the oldest disciplines that largely employed in every aspect of construction hence justify the high demand Structural Engineers.

Our Main Services:

  • Revit Structural Services
  • Civil Construction service
  • Autodesk Revit modeler
  • Structural CAD Drawings
  • Structural Beam Calculation Services
  • Structural Fabrication Drawing
  • Structural Design Calculations
  • Structural Steel Design Services
  • Structural Drafting Services
  • Structural Construction Drawings Services

At Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC, Structural Engineering Service has provided with the knowledge of industry standards, skilled engineers, innovation and extensive domain experience. We endeavor the conceptual, detailed and preliminary design projects in the area of Structural Design and analysis. We collaborate with architects, builders, and building owners to design elegant and right solution for variously given structures. We constantly challenge ourselves to design new and innovative design that emphasis our status to be a world leader in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

Our Methodology/Process

  • RCC structures
  • Steel structures
  • Composite structures
  • Prefabricated building systems
  • Strength evaluation using NDT in the US
  • Rehabilitation of heritage buildings
  • Seismic retrofitting
  • Epoxy treatment
  • FRPC wrapping
  • Analyzing blueprints, maps, reports, and topographical and geological data
  • Estimation of cost and quantities of materials
  • Calculation of grade and load requirements

Our work is heavily conformed to major International building codes and practices and cordially functions with every nation. We take the consideration of every phase of Structural Engineering right from the design and modeling to analysis of pre-planned designs and construction documents. We treat every project in an equal manner; even we consider your smallest concerns which you can be brought at any stage of the ongoing project.

Why Choose Us:

  • Handles A-Z of given project
  • Certified and experienced Engineers
  • Certain availability of project manager and associated engineer
  • Latest and updated software
  • Cutting Edge technology
  • Streamlined working process
  • Impressive end results

For further details in Structural Engineering Services, please follow our contact details.

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