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MEP Engineering Services

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In the construction field, MEP engineering services play an important role. It is the set of the service which shares the overall details of the building so as to make sure that the construction of the work is completed hassle-free and with convenience. The acronym of MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services.

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is the leading MEP firm that provides result-oriented and data-driven MEP consultants services to its clients globally. Also, in other words, if we need to communicate, we can say that MEP systems are termed to be the central nervous systems of the buildings. The responsibility of the MEP company and MEP systems is to feature “creature comfort” for the building systems.

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC provides data-enriched and data-driven Mechanical Engineering Services as per the project requirement. The team of contractors, owners, and stakeholders receive the details of the project in a diversified way. Our approach is clear and transparent and that is to provide cost-effective as well as innovative designs for all your mechanical designs. We follow and adhere to all the compliance and standards that require for successful integration of mechanical engineering services.

Electrical Engineering Services offered by Silicon Engineering Consultants helps us to deliver effective, efficient, optimized, data-enriched, flexible, and robust electrical projects that include the information of installing every type of electrical component. The activities carried out by our Electrical Engineers during the process includes a detailed study of power supply, load flow, short and long circuit, analysis of lighting design, 2D and 3D Drawings and Design of cable tray routing, and much more that play an important role in Electrical Engineering Services.

Plumbing Engineering Services provided by Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC provides the best and result-oriented Plumbing Design and Drawing Services to the major industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Our team of professionals is highly skilled and talented in developing the Plumbing Design from the scratch and even they have the ability to make any kind of editing or modification that is already available in the developed design. Our Plumbing Design Services also ensure that there is a balanced, as well as coordinated use of both energy and water usage effectively and efficiently.

Fire Fighting services is one of the crucial as well as important service without which none of the building projects can be carried on. The entire role of the service is to protect and prevent the spread of the fire which is significantly unwanted in buildings, vehicles, woodlands, etc. No matter the undertaking of the project is for an old building or a new constructing building our team will share the details of the entire process that is from its inception to its end.

The work that gives impactful advances in the construction field is to have a proper, accurate, and updated implementation of MEP Pre-Fabrication Services. This is the service that follows all the necessary and as many disciplines that are required for MEP building services. The work of prefabrication provides the set of information that refers to the manufacturer of the building components in an off-site environment. The entire process of the work is only possible with the help of experienced and trained engineers who are known for the tools and standards that need to be used or followed.

  • mechanical bim servicesMEP Engineering Services

    Looking to have perfect guidance and work for your project that demands MEP Engineering Services, well then you are at the right place. Our MEP Consultants and HVAC Consultants are having detailed knowledge and expertise in providing economical and feasible MEP Designs that are the perfect solutions as per the current project with the adherence to required tools and standards.

    • HVAC Engineering
    • Energy Management
    • On-site Aiming and Adjustments
    • Voice, Data, and Video Integration
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  • MEP Shop Drawing Services

    MEP Shop Drawing Services is the drawn version of the data and information that is being interpreted in the construction documents. It is the core responsibility of an MEP engineer to deliver the work as per the expectations of the clients along with its solutions and the information on the project that is required at the time of construction.

    • Coordinated Shop Drawings
    • MEP Fabrication Shop Drawings
    • Built-in documentation
    • Sheet Metal Drawings
    • Ductwork Drawings
    • Equipment Placement
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  • mechanical bim servicesMEP BIM Services

    MEP BIM services are the process that is undertaken by the AEC company to develop 3D data-rich and sophisticated MEPF BIM models that are required in the overall BIM project. These BIM models are well-coordinated with all the specific trades and practices collaborating with other disciplines so as to ensure that the coordinated models are delivered error-free and clash-free.

    • Software use of Navisworks and Revit
    • 3D BIM Modeling Specification
    • Revit MEP Drawings
    • Quantity Take-Off
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  • architectural bim serviceMEP Coordination services

    MEP coordination services help in providing detailed 3D BIM coordination services of all types of building services. Our core competency is in delivering 100% services in HVAC, pipework, public health, and electrical systems. With the years of experience, we hold, we are and will provide edge-to-edge 3D BIM Coordination Services, MEP Coordination Drawings, and BIM Clash Detection Services in Minnesota USA, and other states and cities in the USA.

    • Pre-Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
    • Construction Documentation
    • Construction
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  • point cloud to bimMechanical 2D drafting services

    Mechanical 2D drafting services play a vital role in the entire process of MEP services. The team here understands the idea and concept of the clients and with that develop the first level of work and that is in the form of 2D designs and drawings. With the help of the software, the transformation of hand made sketches and designs are possible.

    • As-built drawings to intelligent P&IDs
    • Bill of Materials
    • Engineering Change Request (ECR)
    • Preliminary Drawings
    • 2D details from 2D assemblies
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  • revit bim modeling servicesMechanical 3D Design Services

    Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC specializes in providing services like Mechanical 3D design services, 3D CAD drawings, sheet metal design, and product development services. With the undertaking of this service, it becomes easy for the client to view the project in a 3D view which even communicates the smallest details of the design that can be viewed properly.

    • Specialized 3D mechanical simulation software
    • 3D Solid Models
    • 3D Assembly Modeling
    • 3D Prototype Cast Models
    • 3D Sheet Metal Modeling
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